Wednesday, September 20

My Parisian hotel woes were solved in a very fortunate manner, and it seems I will be spending the first day-and-a-half of my European holiday in exclusive king-sized luxury. (Preferred member rewards are always a welcome gift!) The rest of the vacation, while decidedly more glamorous, is not going to be as indulgent—at least when it comes to accommodations.

Terra and I have been finding various hostels all week, but the final route is still, purposefully, up in the air. We're breezy like that. Our basic plan really is all we need: After my short romance with Paris, I will meet Terra in Italy. Our hostel in Rome has been booked, and we’ve purchased a flight to Budapest as well as Eastern Europe rail passes. We'll end up in Prague about two weeks later.

Some of my penultimate goals for the holiday include:
- drinking absinth and eating foie gras.
- seeing the Velka Pardubice horse race in the Czech Republic.
- viewing as much Art Nouveau as possible.
- buying loads of clothing so upon return I can be that girl who says “Oh this? I got it in Europe…” when someone asks about what I am wearing.
- somehow winding up with a room at the Budapest Four Seasons.

…EEeeep! Only one week to go!