Friday, October 20

I can handle being tired at work and I can deal with still feeling tipsy from a night of drinking and I can even cope with having to work while sick but to experience all three at once! I took some medicine but all it has done is placed my consciousness a few feet above my head—a head which currently feels like it’s wrapped up in a plastic bag.

Last night was the Toronto Life 40th Anniversary Party. Toronto Life is, for all non-locals, a glossy who’s who of the city and its goings on: urban politics, pop gossip, restaurant culture, and high society. It’s also styled in the elite-insider sort of tone that I absolutely adore—a taste that was most likely cultivated by childhood readings of the magazine.

So when the boyfriend said he had been invited, I shouted “yes!” before he could even finish asking if I wanted to go. I do have a huge crush on the magazine but I also like any reason to buy a new dress and see him in a suit.

I have also decided that this means party season is officially open. Perhaps the Toronto Life party was a touch elaborate, but now I will expect:
- gourmet chocolate, wheeled around on little carts (always coming by exactly when I crave a bite)
- a scotch tasting lounge
- rounds of one-plate dinners with wine pairings
- an oxygen bar, make-over/photography room, and casino (with dealers willing to teach me poker!)
…and gift bags filled with various goodies (to delight my drunken self at the end of the night) to be at every future fĂȘte I attend. Or, you know, some variation of them. I’m sure that after your eighth event with a chocolate fountain it would be nice to see some truffles.