Monday, October 16

Vienna was the shortest city visit of the European Holiday. Terra and I were there for only two days—it was a pit stop on our way between Budapest and Krakow. The city was nice, but just not as mesmerizing as the other places we were traveling to. (Um, except for the shopping. Hello new slouchy boots, I love you!)

Our trip really revolved around eating as much local food as possible: The first thing we did in Budapest was search out goulash and we had perogies and beet soup every night in Poland. Terra would not, however, submit to my request for roasted pig’s knuckle in Prague.

So in Vienna we wanted bratwurst and sauerkraut, without realizing that this is not a popular national dish in Austria, but instead more common in the Czech Republic. After a weary day of searching out somewhere to dine, we settled on a place called Centimeters.

“Two meters of bratwurst for €6.50!”

“It can’t possibly be two meters, right?”

“No…. I.. don’t think so at least. We can share it, though, and then order more food if we need it.”

Waitress takes the order and gives us a knowing smile. We get a little worried. We order more sturm, a delicious fermented bevvy which really should be available here.

Suddenly I see the waitress coming towards our table with the bratwurst.

“Oh my god, holy crap!!!”

Lesson learned: In Austria, two meters of bratwurst really is two full meters of bratwurst. At least we ate it all.