Tuesday, November 28


I hate when something perfect comes to you minutes after the opportune moment. For instance, while driving home from my mini-pearance on MTV Live this evening I came up with not one but TWO totally awesome things I should have added to the conversation. (Which I won’t repeat now—it’s always good to have backup.) However! This means I need to start jotting down notes and really writing again; I’ve been in one of those not-so-creative moods lately but it appears to be coming to an end.

My daily commute, it seems, is maybe helping to change this. I’m now driving to work, which is enjoyable first and foremost because I go against the traffic, leaving from downtown and arriving in the outskirts. (I also enjoy that my CBC Radio listening doesn’t have to end when I leave the house!) But it’s not just the thrill of racing past all those sad grid-locked people that’s inspiring. It’s the view of the city.

I love that I drive across the Gardiner Expressway every day as it has always been one of my favourite roads in Toronto. It stretches above the city and is an elevated highway, allowing cars to weave between sky scrapers, the SkyDome, and the CN Tower.

All those people who want to bury or demolish the Gardiner are fools. Or not avid drivers. Or not lovers of urban architecture and unique vantage points. Or, you know, not fans of making it from the Don River to Mississauga in less than 20 minutes.

Okay yes, soon I’ll get stuck in a traffic jam or realize just how much gas costs or something else equally uninspiring. But my love for the Gardiner isn’t going anywhere. As a child my favourite summer camp overlooked its beams and supports. When I was in university I loved coming home along the Gardiner for the panorama re-introduction of my city. And now I can kiss Toronto good morning! each day on my way to work. Beautiful!