Wednesday, November 1

Guilty pleasure: driving around the city in my parent’s new SUV, blasting the new Justin Timberlake CD while wearing my new parka.

And not just guilty because it’s like one huge consume-a-thon, but guilty because I used to hate hate hate SUVs. However, the moment I drove the KIA I fell in love and now I get the crossover revolution: bulky-mini-trucks are necessary not only for the superficial feeling of owning the road, but really because they are SO! FUN! TO! DRIVE!

Driving an SUV is driving, lite! There’s really no effort required with suspension that allows you to cruise over speed bumps without notice, extremely responsive steering, and brakes that come to a halt with the lightest touch. Yes, perhaps my perspective is a bit off, as until the KIA I had only driven a ten-year-old minivan…but still. I’m in car-love.

(A side note: before you all get uppity over this, I should point out that a SUV was not my family’s first choice for a new car, however my mother’s declining mobility due to her MS required a vehicle which was easy to get in and out of. So perhaps I am covering up feelings of worrying about her health by taking the “yeehaw materialism!” route, but that’s just how I’ve chosen to cope.)

As for Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds, can you think of a better soundtrack for obnoxious driving? Every moment has its ideal music—dancing in the kitchen while the boyfriend makes dinner: Junior Boys; sitting on the balcony in my luxe Paris hotel: Charlotte Gainsbourg; drinking wine and TAB energy drinks before going out: CSS. So JT and his delightful rapping is what I (and my sister, and sometimes my mother) like to drive to.

Unless of course it’s early am, in which case I cruise calmly down the streets to the soothing voices of CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.