Wednesday, November 8

I have a newfound obsession with engagement rings and wedding bands.

Now now, all other assumptions aside, my interest in them is simply part of my overall curiosity in the relationships of others. (And considering that I am so devoted to reading wedding announcements, I am equally enthralled by their real-life counterparts.) At the same time, however, I really only pay attention to young and trendy newly-engaged or newlywed couples—relationships that are fresh and interesting to dissect.

Young husbands and wives are interesting because they’re both a foreign concept and something I’m about to become very familiar with. Sure, very few of my friends are married right now, and yes, many don’t even know the difference between an engagement party and a bridal registry but! I know within a few years that will all change. And I, resident relationship advice girl, need to be prepared. So when I see a wedding ring on someone in the same age bracket as me—oh!—it’s beyond distracting.

Case in point:
This morning I was supposed to introduce the new hire—my replacement—to the office and orient her to the job. I think it took maybe half-a-second after saying “nice to meet you!” before I spotted her wedding ring. Not only that, but she was also a recent grad and dressed in equally cute clothes as me. The perfect person—yes for my job, but also for me to secretly observe.

I instantly daydreamed a round of questions: who is your husband? What did the two of you do this morning before starting your commute to work? How’d you meet? How cute is your house together? When did you get married?

By her third mention of the husband I couldn’t hold back. Goodbye document control basics, hello overview of Toronto wedding venues. I got stories about their pre-engagement days and bridesmaids and proposals and destination weddings and dresses…and all that in our fifteen-minute introductory session! We’ll have so much more to cover when I train her all next week. (She said she’d bring me pictures—I can’t wait!)