Wednesday, December 20

The Good
Last night was my company holiday party. There were delish foods and many glasses of wine and also casino games. The blackjack dealer kept commenting that I had a horseshoe up my butt because I kept winning tricky hands.

But oh—I must be covered in luck! Because at the end of the night I won the grand prize raffle! And I have to brag brag brag brag BRAG because it’s not every day one becomes the owner of a 40” Samsung LCD HDTV. (This is the part where I squeal and jump up and down a lot.)

The Bad
Apparently they are no longer manufacturing my brand of birth control pill. My pharmacist informed me today that Alesse hasn’t been shipped to any pharmacy in Canada since the summer and that there are also two other brands of pill also in short supply.

Thank god she had a secret pack hidden for me, but that's it. After 21 days I get the joy (ugh) of changing brands. So yeah—ladies it’s time to stock up if you can because a quick internet search told me we’re in the middle of quite the drought. Or, don’t stock up because they’re about to announce something bad about the pill? Ahh who knows…

Happy Holidays and see you all in a week, I’m off to Cuba!