Wednesday, January 3

2007 is going to be an incredible year. It’s one of those things I am convinced of, which I base half in superstition (something about 2s and 7s that have always seemed lucky to me) and half just because I just know.

Point one: the way you spend New Year's eve/day is how you will spend the rest of the year. And so, a few house parties, a lot of my best friends, some of that mingling with celebs I am so fond of...complimented by a day-after of reading in bed with the boyfriend and cooking gourmet foods—what more could I want?

Point two: it’s the year of the pig, a sign of which I was technically born under. (My birthday is January 11th and Chinese New Year usually falls at the end of the month.) I like and partially believe in all zodiac things.

Point three: there’s already so much planned for 2007! Like trips (Nova Scotia, Las Vegas, California, and Montreal, are all currently in the works) and visits from friends and other exciting engagements! Oh and, I bought a car today.

Yes. A car. I bought a car. OHMYGODIBOUGHTACAR!!! Believe me, I am in just as much awe as you—though I did have a month’s worth of test-drives and research to help prepare for the shock. However, by research I mean I decided one December morning I wanted a white Volkswagon and it also seemed like a good way to (literally) purchase some autonomy. And as of today the deed is in my name and I get my sexy little Golf in four weeks. So come on 2007, let’s get moving!