Friday, March 23

I'm impatient I'm impatient I'm impatient! It's spring—the time of year when everything is on the brink, and so on comes the usual seasonal cynicism and boredom. Winter is ending, spring is "here" but it's still too cold for delicate shoes or to open the sunroof without first cranking the heat. I'm stir crazy, and I just need to make it to that next… well, to whatever is happening next.

I blame my boredom in part on Terra and the province of Nova Scotia for showing me such a good time last week. Four days of lobsters, wine, oysters, country air, and East Coast pot was enough to make me want to give up landlocked city living. And my vacation could not have been more perfectly timed, dropping just the right amount of distraction into my otherwise too-much-routine life.

But now Terra's returned to Italy for another semester of winery internship, and I'm just back at a desk in suburban Toronto. The juxtaposition of our respective livelihoods is too painful for me to really focus on, so instead I field questions from mutual friends, demanding to know how they too can live the life of Roman Holiday. And after all, the best of friends aren't jealous of each other, but rather relish in smug feelings of being cool by association.

And I must make a note of today, because it is my and the boyfriend's one year anniversary! A year ago: I was home from London for the weekend, and met him downtown late at night in a very blind date “is that you?”-style manner. Then we quizzed each other truth-or-dare style in a park, sat on a tower of picnic tables, swung on the monkey bars, and drank bourbon out of a flask. I shared my mittens to keep his fingers warm, and later walked to his house to watch funny GoogleVideo clips and play board games. And yes, we are still so fucking annoyingly cute.

So if a day I've been so keenly waiting for doesn't change my impatient mood, a decadent night in Montreal to celebrate will at least ease out most of my restlessness. Or make returning to normal life on Monday morning that much more bothersome.