Tuesday, March 20

Tuesday morning on the verge of being late for work, I'm rushing around the house on a warpath to get dressed as fast as possible.

"Lauren! Where is your white polo shirt??" I shout to my sister, knowing that item will be the thing to make my currently uncoordinated outfit complete.

"Oh, I know what you should wear..." she begins to suggest. But I cut her off with a squeal, spying my gym shirt crumpled in a ball beside her dresser.


"Oh, I was just looking at it on the weekend," she calmly replies.

"And then left it here hidden in your room? AHHHHH!!" I shriek again. "I wouldn't have looked in my gym bag before leaving today to check for it, and working out topless WOULDN'T really be an option this afternoon!"

Lauren is smart and knows how to counter my unnecessary early-AM sass. "FINE. I guess you don't need my help. BYEE."

She goes downstairs to the kitchen. I am still in a getting-dressed frenzy, looking for something decent to wear when I spot her work pants (yoga pants) on the floor. Without a second thought I grab them, hide them in my gym bag, and walk out the door.

Later on Tuesday morning...

Text message from Lauren: "Okay did you take my work pants to prove some sort of retard point?"

Yes. And I am wearing them to the gym.

Her reply: "Gaaaaaaaah!"

I can only imagine how this sisterly love will grown when we move into our own place in a few months. Will our antics reach a whole new level, will we kill each other, or will we simply stop being bratty siblings? Stay tuned on that one...