Thursday, April 19

Two things that don’t seem important now but will be totally in your face by June:

Knocked Up
About half way through the screening of this movie, I thought to myself “how many more times will I see Knocked Up this summer?” The answer was a number somewhere between three and seeing it so frequently that I memorize the entire script and annoy my friends with preemptive laughing on every joke. And oh, there are so many jokes! All very clever, well-timed, and delightfully inappropriate, making the things I laughed at in 40 Year Old Virgin seem soo 2005.

Unplanned pregnancies are usually nothing more than contrived plot devices, to give an otherwise boring story a twist or to enable character revelations. But in Knocked Up, the pregnancy is both the entire movie and not at all significant. The real narrative is about relationships, friendship, and all other personal growth topics usually reserved for cheesy rom coms. Judd Apatow and his usual cast of characters really can make any topic incredibly hilarious and brilliant. Seven weeks to go until I can see it again...

Navy Blue Nail Polish
Goodbye black and deep purple and maroon! Hello navy blue. It’s possibly the only thing I could put on my fingernails (other than tiny mirrors) to make me want to just stare at my hands all day. Opaque, deep blue is hard to find right now—those metallic, translucent tints are not what I’m obsessing over—but give it a few weeks and the right shade will be everywhere.