Wednesday, September 5

I’m moving out in a few weeks, and no, not into something I bought, like I once professed I would only do. It’s an adorable rental in an equally adorable section of downtown, so yes, let’s all be happy for me.

I tell this to my aesthetician, who is one of the most opinionated people I know, and she scowls, ripping away verysensitive hair as she lists off the reasons why I should not be moving away from my parents.

“Do you know how much it costs to buy a house? Save up! If your parents are not that bad to live with, why are you leaving!”

I don’t want to let her logic sway me, but because she does the best waxing in Toronto there is some part of me that invites her judgment.

It’s not like the decision to move out was an easy one to make. Once I said goodbye to unlimited spending money and monthly vacations, and started prepping for a life sans insta-laundry and dinner, there was the whole issue of actually finding a place. My mega-pickiness was not helped by the fact that fall rentals are absolutely dreadful to find.

(Yes, it is possible to spend $1600 a month on a 3 bedroom apartment above an old Chinese restaurant where evidence of a small electrical fire and black mold infestation makes the landlord simply shrug his shoulders.)

But at the same time, this anti-move rhetoric was coming from a thirty-something woman who last month was surprised to hear that my parents ‘allowed’ the boyfriend and I to take a romantic holiday in Sonoma, California. She moved out of her parents’ house when she married her husband. They have 3 kids and live in the suburbs. She thinks I should be saving up to buy a similar abode. Nothanks.

Instead, well, instead I’m measuring and remeasuring Victorian-sized doorways and windows and getting happy headaches from carrying (er, assisting in the carrying of) large pieces of furniture. The energy I once reserved for keeping track of every single craigslist rental is now being channeled into finding key items in their for sale section.

Is it weird that I feel like I’m finally coming out of winter hibernation? I know I’ve been doing things all spring and summer, but it seems that something is finally starting to happen. My fingers are crossed that moving is going to set a lot in motion.