Monday, November 19

NineGramBrain, the not-so-secret parody blog of Rebecca Eckler’s NinePoundDictator, has announced that they’re shutting down because Icks has “slipped into such an irredeemable state of irrelevancy and uselessness that we can no longer decipher her pointless and illiterate musings and from this point forward”.

While I can understand wanting to ignore something in order to make it less relevant, NGB is shutting down at the peak of its (though not Icks) popularity. The comments section is full of both snarky random notes and obvious tips from insiders—creating a non-stop obsessive-yet-interesting discourse on all things mommy blogger and vapid journalism.

So I have to wonder if Eckler won. She did issue a “threaten” in the spring claiming to know who was behind the site, with promise to legally destroy their lives both personally and professionally. Hmm.