Tuesday, December 11

Approximate amount of time it takes for the Globe and Mail to scoop a New York Times trend piece? 5 days.

It used to be that the Globe simply republished NYT Style pieces a week later in their own Life Style section. (As though they really think style/trend/fashion followers are loyal to only one source, or don’t mind week-old information—please!) But more recently, local freelancers have been rewriting NYT stories with Toronto or Canada-based anecdotes.

And I must admit, while the lack of innovation usually annoying, in the case of articles about push presents, I like the local sourcing.

"I expected one, and if Adam hadn't got me one, I might have been upset," Ms. Halpern, 35, said. "A push present says, 'I appreciate what you've given me, that your body was used as a vessel for this child.'

"Let's just say that a dinner out would not suffice as a push present for most people."

Because one can never have too many quotes from entitled women discussing the many reasons why they deserve a big ticket present for giving birth*. It’s nice to know Toronto is just as capable as New York City in terms of being both detached and competitive about pregnancy all at the same time.

* It’s fair to assume that most of the high-maintenance moms quoted did not actually “give birth”, though I suppose “picked up the phone to schedule a c-section present” just doesn’t have the same ring.