Monday, December 10

Things I’ve Bought That I Love

When I get together with my old roommates from university, a favourite thing to do is discuss the horrible state that our student house was in. It’s shocking, really, to go back and think about all the things that consumed every inch of available space in our six-bedroom townhouse. From piles of appliances, papers, clothing, and furniture that no one ever used, to the numerous surfaces we covered in the accouterments for said useless objects, it really was incredible that a) we thought without a doubt that the house was perfect b) our friends saw nothing wrong with our ‘decorating skills’ and c) we survived there for two whole years, never losing an item to the tide of garbage or a housemate to some incurable disease.

So now, you can’t even imagine how impressed I am with my current obsessive state of cleaning. For those two student lifestyle-dominated years (and the other two previous years spent in equally-unorganized housing) I liked to keep things clean, sure, but it was always on a for-purpose basis: I want to cook a meal—I guess I will clean off the counters; a boy is coming over—it’s time to put away the laundry. Day-to-day cleaning, tidying, or organizing was never done, or even considered. Putting the garbage out once a week was struggle enough.

Fast forward to today. Have you ever watched how your parents move through a house? It’s like an exercise in schizophrenic logic: start dusting the TV but notice that a plant needs to be watered but when filling up the watering can it only makes sense to clean off a few dishes that are sitting by the sink, and oh, looks like the recycling is full so might as well take that out and on the way back inside it becomes obvious that the doormat needs cleaning…

Yes, this is the person I have suddenly become.

But maybe all I needed was the right inspiration to stay clean. The personal/emotional/financial investment into my current apartment is a good start. But how about something a little sexier (aside, of course, from the boy who I do like to clean and cook for) like, a Dirt Devil Kone vacuum.

The Kone is something I am hesitant to refer to as an appliance. Karim Rashid is genius for the sleek, soft look of the Kone—made even more perfect by its white lacquered finish and friendly blue-white glow. That’s right. Plug the Kone in to charge and it radiates ambient light. I think it’s saying: “Hi, I’m just sitting here, enjoying your company. Let me know if you need anything.”

Occasionally it sucks up dust happily, but, truthfully most of the time I just like to have it plugged in, awake and glowing from the corner of my bedroom.