Thursday, February 28

IDS08 - klaus objects

I’m trying to think of a scenario that would allow me to have both these objects...

But I just keep recalling Joey’s apartment when he moves away from Chandler. And, shocking I know, but that’s so not the style I’m going for.

Still. Pig table or rabbit lamp?

Picture the pig in a front hallway, acting as butler-console table. You have dark, aged hardwood (original to the house) or tiny black and white octagon tiles. The pig isn’t all in your face the moment you come in the door—no, he’s rather unassuming, waiting across from the closet, ready to take your mail and hold the keys.

Rabbit lamp, while it is my first choice, is simply too mrah. You could put that bunny anywhere to light up a room.

(Both from the Klaus by Nienkämper booth at IDS.)