Sunday, March 9

We got “evicted” this week. The landlord’s father is moving into the house and so we have until June 15 to find a new place. So happy that we funded her renovations and lived through the constant nagging—from thermostat wars to passive aggressive snow shoveling—only to be pushed to the curb when everyone was finally getting along.

While I don’t mind the idea of house hunting (I like to spy on others, who knew?) for the first time in my life I’m not at all enamored by the idea of change. I’ve nested in this apartment and I’m just not ready to pack it all up and move.

(Then again, something went through the Laundromat window this week while my sheets were in the rinse cycle, leaving behind a hole which resembled evidence from Law & Order. So the opportunity to find a place with en suite laundry is rather appealing.)

Answer to question #1 you may be thinking:
No, I’m not going to move in with the boyfriend. Call me Katherine Heigl, but I’m slightly old fashioned—while also being terribly bored at the idea of living in a “couples” house. And besides, we still manage to sleep in the same bed most nights. We can wait until we're married to share a bathroom and everysinglemomentever.

Answer to question #2 you may be thinking:
No mom, I’m not going to move back home. Sorry!

Instead, the next three months will be dedicated to finding a place that will let me best replicate the design I’ve been building in this apartment. I’m annoyed that the projects I wanted to complete over the next month have to be put on indefinite hold. (Peeping toms, you may continue to window-lurk, those curtains aren’t going up anytime soon.)

And at the same time, I am getting excited at the prospect of new furniture: The aforementioned renovations included the addition of a smaller door frame, rendering our couch and wingback chairs into permanent installations of the house.

Answer to question #3 you may be thinking:
Yes, the landlord is definitely getting our cheap $20-from-craigslist couch as a moving-out present. The wingback chairs, on the other hand, are much too nice and are going to have to make it out a window.