Wednesday, December 31

quick as a flashback

I cut my hair.
New friends more than successfully mixed with old.
Boyfriend and I started a family by adopting Lionel puppy.
Promotion! From agency Copywriter to Associate Creative Director.
Social media apps took over and I (temporarily!) forgot about the blog.
Goodbye crazy landlord, hello dream apartment in Little Italy.
Travelled: from South of France to South Beach. New York City, the Windy City, and the Alma Mater’s City. And Texas: to the parents’ new expat home of Houston and my new North American favourite, Austin.

It’s time to work on my New Year’s constant: the failed resolution of being on time. There’s lamb and lobster and many bottles of bubbly waiting…

(oh, and as I also failed to take enough photos over the past 365, photo credits are due! Including, but not limited to: Dallas, Sarah and Jenn.)