Monday, January 5

it's a... lamp!

After years of coveting the Arco floor lamp and dropping many a non-disguised hint by dog-earing certain pages of Dwell and Domino, it’s finally nestling the corner of my living room.

(to which Natalie nicely adds—and I must repeat!—“Every time I’m over I think you’ve brought about all you can into your apartment, until you find something new and it just… fits.”)

Indeed—cushioned between suede sectional, Lionel puppy, fig tree, and an Indian ink print titled “How to destroy your bird” is the lamp, perfectly curved to enclose the space.

It should be noted: my shiny chrome Christmas present is a relative of the Italian insurance-rate-rising original. Tis the season for inspirations, however! Apartment Therapy just called attention to CB2’s much more affordable take on the George Nelson Swag Leg desk—a desk I make a point of dreamily waving at each time I walk past its window-front display in the Herman Miller boutique at Manulife Centre.