Wednesday, February 18

IDS09 - Castor vs. 5x5

I really love their restaurant—what with its semi-terrifying (“omg! I thought it was alive!”) stuffed beaver mascot and overflowing cloud of light bulbs—but honestly, Castor’s 5x5 IDS space was just... not... anything.

As I exited the Winnebago a sleek-looking business man caught me on the stairs.
"What's, uh, in there?" he asked.
"The... space?" I retorted.

At first I thought my response was due to typical, youthful you-just-don't-get-it-man sentiments. But after a week or so of reflection, I realize I was actually asking the same thing.

And then, without even trying, the internet totally topped Castor.

(via Buzzfeed.)