Friday, February 6

Karim approved.

I honestly wanted to write a much, much more comprehensive post about what’s happening this weekend, but:
- considering I was in office working till 3:30am last night
- and taking into account that I actually forgot that eating food is a necessary function to survive until 7:30pm today
- at which point I speed ate a salad and then after a short cab ride eagerly downed complementary flute after complementary flute of rose Veuve with Sarah in the IDS media lounge
...I’m going to have to make it short.

It’s Toronto’s Interior Design Show this weekend!

The crowd at tonight’s gala/preview was, according to my rough, cloudy-memory estimate, nearly double that of last year. So actual opinions of the exhibits are on hold until tomorrow when I can tour it all sans hustle and bustle. Perhaps I will see you there?