Friday, August 27

after the party its's the hotel lobby

Annnnd I look like death right now and pretty much feel like death too. It is the mother of all hangovers- one of those ones where you are pretty sure you're just still drunk, and your whole body aches.

Last night Terra's little sister Hannah was in town with her best friend Ali. They stopped by my work to say hi, so I figured I had to show them a good time in Toronto. Fast forward to the hotel pre-drink, included free reign on the mini bar. So after getting loaded we put a whole bunch of mini bottles into Hannah's purse to drink as we walked to the bar.

Steve and Cameron were doing their weekly night at Hush, and get the underage girls into the bar with no problem. We drink more and there is some weird party at Hush and the random older guys hit on the girls. Oooof course.

And suddenly it's last call, so we drink more of the mini bottles and then get Steve and Cameron and Fawn to come back to the hotel after getting more booze and weed from the condo. And this is where it gets sloppy... I drank a lot, smoked a lot, felt dizzy a thousand times and then it was 7am and Cameron and I were cuddled on the couch (mmm nice) and I eventually had to go home.

And on my 3 hours of sleep I am going to go to the salon, and try not to pass out while I get my hair done. AUGH.