Wednesday, August 18

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Tonight has fully been one of driving illegally around the city.

Getting an actualy drivers license is for pussies... if you're really cool you will drive without one like me. YEAH.

So I've been driving my sister's drunken ass around all night. She's out with one of her friends, a guy who I fully approve of (not like her straight-edge boyfriend) and anyways, sister and her friend, I shout "maaaaakout with eachother!" as I dropped them (both underage) at the bar. And then I pick her up, and she REEKS of booze and is all "FUUUUUUUCK... I made out with him!! AHHHHHHH" and I'm all "yeehaw, this night just got better!"

And now I am trying to convince her that it's not cheating if your boyfriend of a month doesn't ever call you and didn't even have the balls to make out with you until you'd been courting (his word) for like, 2 weeks. HA HA HA.

We are evil girls indeed.

Oh but it's such a good life.