Thursday, August 5

I am so hot right now.

On my way home tonight I got picked up by two very different men.

The first was a guy who wore only long-johns and socks on the subway, and lifted up his tee-shirt to show me his belly as he mumbled to himself. OH YEAH. And then he talked about cutting his hair, and wished me a good night as he got off the subway.

Then as I was walking home, the garbage man took a fancy to me, and asked me if I wanted a ride. He then pulled over to the side of the street I was walking on (the opposite one) and followed me for a few blocks, professing his love to me and giving me water to drink and offering the ride home over and over again as cars swerved around the garbage truck.

Geeze.. first I spend a night at the gay bar (5ive) where I get no play and then I get this on the way home? What a night... ha ha ha.