Monday, August 16

if you're that ungrateful I'll take the medal..

I have been watching Olympics all afternoon and now I am fully addicted to it, I knew it would only take one hot Romanian gymnast to turn me onto the games. That and Canada's first medal for synchronized diving... SWEET!

So I caught some American coverage on ABC, just after CBC did an interview with Emilie Heymans and Blythe Hartley about their medal and how awesome they are and good for Canada, we rule, stuff like that...

ANYWAYS the fucking American reporter on ABC is talking about male gymnastics and he says "now, you might want to look away from the TV, the results aren't good!!" and then they show that America got a silver. A SILVER MEDAL. And the jerkoff news people have the balls to say that's not good? Like come on, get off your fucking high horse and try to maybe do a cartwheel or get 2/3rds of your population out of being overweight and then you can bash your athlets for only getting silver.

So glad that I can flip back to my news where our bronze medal is like, the hilight of the Olympics so far. I love the national/global unity that the Olympics has.. it's not about kicking someone else's ass, but about being great, having a good time and giving me 24/7 coverage of guys in spandex flexing their muscles. YEP!