Friday, August 13

it rains in toronto at least once a day

Today is one of those rainy days when you don't wake up dispite setting your alarm for 930am, and having the alarm go off every 14 minutes until noon when you finally remember that you were suppose to go to the AGO with Marc, but in your sleepy haze you dream about calling him to cancel the trip a few times before you actually wake up and actually call. And then go back under the covers because your window is open and it's really raining outside and who wants to be awake on a day like that?

The alarm clock thing, its pretty much the only way I can get up.. I have to set my alarm to go off multiple times before I can get out of bed. Terra knows all about this from our room-sharing in first year, and I'm sure it annoyed her to no end. My house next year has thin walls, I'm sure it will soon bother all those roomies to no end.