Sunday, August 1

the slipper is the new flip-flop

I love Easy USA chinese slippers.

The cute mesh shoes that eeeeveeeryone are wearing right now, but my sister had the good sense to purchase last summer when we were in NYC. She always keeps me ahead of the game.

But I hate hate HATE people who wear the knock-offs.

This is a valid annoyance. These slippers are not UGGs, they only cost $3 if you find them in chinatown or like $12 if you buy them at Urban Outfitters. So it is SO NOT NESCESSARY to go to Payless Shoes or Aldo and buy the fake ones. They don't even look right- the heel is all re-inforced and slightly raised (um, and platform anything is not cool ever) and the flower-decals are different.

Also, Aldo and Payless charge MORE for fake Easy USA's.. how ironic and how very lame.