Wednesday, August 18

Tending to some reader comments...

Meanwhile we had a ton to smoke while we BBQ'd just off of Bloor St.
Well sheesh... it's not nice to brag, its much nicer to share!!

is it ok that i'm on last-name-basis-only terms with bloom ?
Yes, as his lover I give you full permission.

who is that with you in the pik?
That is none other than my best girl in the entire world, Terra She is also in the above pic with me... I like pictures of Terra and I, as you can tell.

by the way what part of toronto are u in?
Ummm, reluctance says do not answer, so I'll give a general reply: downtown. Heh.

paige have you or you sister ever been cheated on?
yep. if you have the chance to kiss someone, do it, because from my experience, more often than not your "significant other" would do the same thing.. so don't be the one to get left in the dust. it's jaded and bitter to think that...but oh well.