Friday, August 6

Toronto is better with Terra

Sooooo it should be noted that Terra arrived yesterday morning, and we have been on the prowl ever since. She is so darling, and I am so happy she is here. We went to Ikea and H&M and all in all spent a lot of money. And got many pretty things.

Last night Marc was spinning electro at HUSH, so we all went... it was an odd night indeed. Too much, cliquey-clashes or something like that. Le sigh. The music was fab, Marc has all the best tracks (ie DFA remix of Le Tigre's Deceptacon... sweeetness) and I ended up stumbling around the city at the end of the night. In my pointy-toed shoes. Until I felt like getting in a cab... which took me all the way from Richmond and Spadina until University and Dundas. Ouch.

Tonight is going to be so hot tho, because it is The Doors (sans Jim Morisson) concert. Which means lots of pot and such good times. Ahhhh!

...and Terra is getting out of the shower, I need to go shower her with love. YES! Ha ha ha!