Saturday, September 11

i have an issue with ugg boots

Okay, I know that UGG and (even more so) UGG-style boots are so last winter, but I still want some. I tell myself NO, you don't need them, but then I see someone wearing some and I have this urge to run over and rip them off her feet. It's wrong. I guess this is how a crack addict feels or something. HA HA HA.

Last winter I wanted to get these Emu boots, but they were on back order and they never came and I cried and was all sad and then decided that I would simply hate UGGs and call them "over" but now, NOW NOW there are *new* Emu boots and they are so hott and I want them in fuschia and they only come to $97 CAN with shipping.

Gah. I don't know. What's your opinion of UGGS. But your opinion doesn't count if you've always hated them. And yes, I can say that.