Monday, September 13

i liked him because he looked, well, slutty...

And here is the million dollar question- what makes someone a slut? In all honesty, I have tried to define "slut" a million times over in my head. I always get a mental image of a girl in trailer-trash clothing, wearing platform shoes and giving blowjobs in a back alley, but then sometimes I think that being a slut can be a bit more subtle than that. A little more common, close to home, whatevs.

Which makes me believe that my darling little self is a full-blown slut.

Because what girl doesn't believe, at any given point, that she is a slut? After the third or fouth new "boyfriend" (aka makeout/makeit partner) within a few weeks, one starts to question if she's crossing some lines. Actually, I have never first questioned my actions. I only start to do it when others (girls, it's ALWAYS other girls) start to make comments.

I don't have any qualms with being a slut- as long as I am the one to say it. In first year, I decided to reclaim the title for myself when I bought a GSUS sweater with 'Circus Slut' printed on the back (I also used to do circus arts, so it made sense). I openly say "geeze, I'm being slutty" a ton, and other such things.

And then, I figure that lets me justify everything I do. Right? Right.