Saturday, September 18

I'm so formal it's hott

Last night was formal night. That picture is the only one taken of moi, and my roomate Alex felt the need to jump in front of the camera.

I must say, I never really look forward to formals because they are usually so very stuffy and boring and all that ish. But last night.. last night was very impressive.

Given, I spent the entire day not spa-relax-prepping as a girl should. But instead, running around the city, filling out a commissioner application for school (in which I had one hour left to hand in, and I found out that ALL printers on campus were down, had to run back home to print it off in blue ink, then photocopy 5 copies on campus..augh!) and so I didn't get things done like this press release I need to do, but oh! I bought my formal dress at 5:15 pm and was drunk off champagne by 7pm. Multi-tasking is so my thing.

So I was very Paris Hilton last night. A brunette Paris Hilton, yes. But there were no straws to use to drink out of my little champagne bottles. There was lots of before party and after party and I really only remember a little of the actual formal. I think we danced. We spent a lot of time in the bathrooms. I didn't pay attention to the fact that my stilettos were killing my feet and now today I feel somewhat disabled.