Tuesday, September 21


The worst crime of all has been committed: someone stole mine and my roomate's weed.

Yes, someone entered our house this morning and stole about $20 worth of weed off our coffee table, while we were in the house doing things like taking showers and reading and watching TV. We didn't notice until 2pm when two of my roomates wanted to have some afternoon delight (har) and couldn't find our weed. Also strange was that there had been two boy's hoodies on the couch (left at our place by friends) and one was no longer there and the other was inside-out as though somoene had tried it on!

So there is someone wandering the streets of London, pretty stoned, because it was really good pot, wearing a red ecko hoody. Damn fucker.

Who steals weed? Like take something else, don't touch our pot. We need our pot, for when we are stressing about having a robber in the house.