Tuesday, September 28

spot a hot boy on campus Paige-style!

I don't think that guys realize just how hot dressing in pink makes them.

Honestly, I walk around campus, and although I am constantly on hot-guy watch, when I see a guy wearing a pink shirt I actually have to resist the urge to jump on him. Like I find myself uncontrolably drawn to him, and I have to either throw on my sunglasses to secretly watch the dude or I have to force myself to look away. Pink is just so unexplainably hot. I will even re-evaluate my attraction to a not-so-hot guy based on his wearing of a pink shirt.

Other things that make guys instantly hot:

Scarves when it is cold out, as it is getting now, are such a turn on. I think it's because it shows a guy knows how to dress weather-appriopriate, or it's just something warm and snuggly about the scarf itself. Alternatly flip-flops in warm weather are hot. They just look sexy.

Smoking pot. Do I even need to explain it? It's just hot. Seeing guys smoke from bongs is also hot.. mainly because I have a thing for homoeroticism... which brings me to:

Affection for other guys. Which can be anything, like a straight guy with close guy friends who are gay. (not being a homophobe is fab, but boys who can act normal around gay men are HOTT). But I really love guy-on-guy action. Hey if boys can be all over psudo-lesbian porn and such, I can like guy-on-guy stuff. Yes, I do watch gay porn at gay bars, but I'd much rather just see two boys make out in person.

Jewlery, like rings on guys is nice. Because it's a style thing, meaning a guy does more than just throw on any outfit in the morning. He can accessorize! I also have a strange thing for girly-piercings on boys. Like nose studs = instant hot. A guy with a belly button ring is beyond beautiful, and while tongue rings are more common I am still infatuated with any guy who has one.

Designs on clothing that are not by Abercrombie or other main-stream companies. Maybe because of my massive crush on the designer boy I look for simmilar images on boys on campus. I don't know, I just want to see pretty clothing on pretty people.

Messy or curly hair. Or hair that's long. Not to say that buzz cuts also aren't hot, but they're so common I'm over it. I like hair that I can run my fingers through. Yepp.

Okay now I am getting all hot and bothered thinking about this.. and I think my list could go on forever. But now you have it... my unofficial guide to hot boys.