Saturday, October 23

being twenty vs. being responsible

I have started working again, in the same retail store I worked all summer, but now I am in the bedding department instead of bath. So no more folding towels, I get to talk to old men about which sheets they should have on their beds. (I think it's kind of creepy).

And suddenly, between the part-time job, full-time school and two part-time student council positions, I have given up ever having free time. Take, for instance, that my roommates and I had to schedule doing shrooms. We like, got out our day planners and it took two weeks before we found a spare night to get fucked on.

But on Thursday night we got to finally do the shrooms and also went to the bar where a friend was DJing. I was in giggles the entire night, and the whole time was absolutly fantastic. And then we stayed up watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory loving it and making fun of it all at the same time.

And there is still more fun to be had tonight which is why I need to go out. Despite midterms and working tomorrow morning... sigh. I think I can justify it as long as I go to the library first.

Also: It is my dad's birthday today, so happy birthday dad (not that he reads this, dear god!) and also a beleated happy birthday to Tony who is 111 now!