Saturday, October 9

a morbid conversation between my family

My house is full again here in Toronto becuase it's Thanksgiving weekend and my sister and I just got home for the long weekend. We are on cleaning duty, like the responsible daughters we are.
This afternoon as I am vaccuming the dining room:

Mom is setting the tables for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Dad, noticing the old tablecloth-protector-cum-shroud in the closet. Which has been there 'in case of emergency' since the summer when my dog almost died:
"Well, I guess we don't need this out here anymore to burry the dog in.."

Mom, "Wait... is that a round tablecloth or a square one?"

Dad, "Ummm... lets see..."

Me, "OMG"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we will be eating thanksgiving dinner off a tablecloth which is resting on a protector which was once slated to be the shroud for my dog. My dog, on the other hand, will be below the table, non-stop begging for leftovers and scraps (he is very healthy now, thankyou).

God, I love being home for the holidays!