Monday, October 25

Oh the comfort of drunk.

The Rules of Attraction got the whole drunk-university-slut thing spot on when character Sean feels weird during sex because he can't remember the last time he had sex sober.

I perhaps could be in the same position, but I really can't remember to be sure. (oh! the.. irony) I presume that my last sober making it happened some time in first year, but the guy was drunk so does that even count? And I was probably stoned too.

And now suddenly, being drunk is needed to get anything accomplished with the opposite sex. Welcome to jaded university. Where even when you know a guy is into you, you still can't make a real move until you're both drunk.

I have started flirting with guys while I am sober. We can have all-night MSN conversations and phone chats and the two of us will say slutty innuendos constantly. So when we have a date or meet up, we know that something juicy is going to happen.

Only if we've been drinking, though.

But we all feel more confident and perform better after a few drinks. When you're hooking up with someone who's not your acclaimed boy/girl friend, being intoxicated is key, becuase its like that little clause you can throw in if things turn bad.

I think I will just chalk this all up to another game that we love to play. Why be frank with someone about your feelings for them when you can get sloppy-drunk and have your subconcious reveal it through a nice make-out session on the bar patio. Works for moi.