Tuesday, October 26

we could be so good together

On campus today, I was waiting to meet a friend in the library lobby. After 15 minutes of people watching, I decided that I have a problem.

But some background:
The thing about the libraries here is that they are like mini-fashion shows. I usually get more people-watching done than studying. Sure people go to the library to get work done, but here you have to look pretty and hot while you're doing that work.

(seriously, it's not rare to see a girl in a mini skirt, stilettos, and full make-up and hair styles at 3pm on a Tuesday... actually, come to think of it, that's pretty much the trend through our entire campus: fashion first, then school)

So back to my problem. I have realized that my love for UGG boots has grown to a full-blown obsession. In that I can correctly identify any UGG-style boot as UGG, Emu, American Eagle, Aldo-wannabe, cheap-knockoff...whatevs.... I know who made it within 10 seconds of seeing the shoe. I think this is extremely unhealthy. I can even tell if an UGG boot was from last season or from this one.

And I don't know how this happened. I don't even own a pair of UGGs (oh but if I did!!... mmmm..) I need to start some reverse conditioning. I need to find another thing to observe while I walk through campus-- but seeing as one in two girls owns UGG-style boots, it's hard to ignore. I need help, or fashion needs a new trend, pronto.