Tuesday, November 23

but it's totes worth it...

I lost both my pink earings on Friday night.

The roomates laugh, on Saturday morning, when I tell them that half-way through the night I had gone to my bathroom and found that one earing was completly gone and the other ear had only the metal part hanging from it.

Like I am sure that looked totally hot.

I always lose jewlery when I am making out or making it, though. Like this summer when I lost one of my fave earings in the act of hooking up with a very hot guy. When I discovered it was missing I also realized that there were too many places it could have fallen- the bar, the corner of Yonge&Bloor, the taxi, the park by my house, the sidewalk infront of my house... yes it was a good night.

So now I like to measure how good a night was by the loss of jewlery. It always works: the more the debauchery, the more I lose. (Maybe being drunk also has something to do with this equation, too)

Missing jewlery can also be used to lure a boy back. Not only does he have to show his dedication to you by searching his sheets for a tiny belly-button stud, but once he brings it to you it is only proper to give a reward.

But it is always sad when the sacrifice has to be made, which happens when the jewlery lost is much nicer than the guy who helped you lose it. I justify buying a pretty replacement as comfort-therapy for the bad hook-up.

Lucky for me, I should still be able to find the missing earings from Friday night. I think it would be nice, however, if the guy could come back and help me look...