Thursday, November 4

I have been enjoying more than ever that nice map of The United States of Canada and it's like all over the internet. Everywhere I look, I guess it started with Tony, and then Pink Is The New Blog and ToTC and Paper-Thin Walls and I know more, I just forget.

There's this joke in one of those "you know you're Canadian.." lists that goes, you laugh and get all excited when an American tv show or movie mentions Canada. This is totally like that, Canada is so excted that we are the ones people want to join now!

So much so that the news even ran a feature on it tonight. And then they talked about the internet and blogs talking about ex-pat ideas and such and then they even showed the map of The United States of Canada, because bloggers are "using redrawn maps to make fun of the blue states" (oh, news, you are always funny!)