Monday, November 22

me, always the catalyst of a relationship

Friday night. My cell phone rings "ID Unknown" at 2-3-4am-ish. I am drunk and high and giddy and I answer and it's all this screaming and noise and such, so I hang up.

And then it rings AGAIN and its some random girl. Who says: "You better stay the fuck away from Stephanie's boyfriend... I'm going to slit your throat.." blah blah blah, on and on. And I'm like WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Because I don't even know a Stephanie.

However... I could know her "boyfriend".

I think, maybe this Stephanie girl thinks she is Homecoming King's girlfriend. Homecoming King is 18, a frosh, and won HoCo King this year for my school. He's one of those "I'm too young to know I am incredibly hot" boys, who will eventually find out that he is good-looking and suddenly become a player.

I hadn't seen Homecoming King since... well Homecoming. When I was all Cameron Diaz-styles and danced with him at the Victory Party. But he was at the bar on Friday night, and he remembered me and asked me to dance and so we did for a little bit. Maybe kinda dirty dancing, but Homecoming King was sweet and so.. fresh?

But it ended with just the dance. I had bigger things on my mind for Friday and I thought, well I'll just keep bumping into Homecoming Boy at bars once and a while. Something like, so casual it almost is nothing. It could be nice, and perhaps is the only thing that can happen when the boy is so young.

And even after the phone calls, I don't care about the girlfriend. (though, how DID she get my number?) Either way the girl should know that if Homecoming King is her boyfriend, he is certainly fabulous at pretending to be single and available. And me, well I am a also quite adept at doing the same.