Friday, December 24

"i can give you free service for a year!"

I have been rather busy because, being the obsessive work horse I am, I took on a small promotions job for the past three days. Three days of doing in-store demos at Future Shops across Toronto as promo for this new mircosoft gadget. I feel like I am always working promo jobs- which generally I am, but I like doing them.

The life of a promo girl is a pretty fun one. I get to pretend to work at different stores/venues for a few days, and I get to meet a whole bunch of people. It's pretty easy-going, and the pay is great. Usually I get free food, take long breaks and joke around with other employees. And promo is all about networking so I can be somewhat employed this summer/for the rest of my life...

But today at Future Shop was surreal. I think I was the only female working in the store, and every employee was constantly talking to me. I have never felt so.. attended to... in a very long time. Some of the guys would comment "I think every guy in the store has come over to hit on you," (as they badly flirted) and I got asked on two dates, had lunch bought for me, and got offered a job as a sales associate. Like, what?

I understand all the advantages and stereotypes of being a girl in a male-dominated realm. The other night a group of us were talking about poker, and many guys commented how girls that play poker have an automatic advantage, because their established style of playing is distracting.

So as a promo girl in Future Shop, I am doing my own version of the "being established"; talking tech to customers and also discussing things like bluetooth and cell phone quality with the employees. Perhaps it became a challenge to myself, to see just how distracting I could become to the rest of the staff. As in, to what extent can I really influence complete strangers?

Or, alternatly, I am just self-obsessed and forever want to play the role of Scarlett O'Hara wherever I go.