Thursday, December 30

I totally didn't expect the tiny little "Toronto Blogger Party" to turn out as fabulous as it did. But it did! There were non-blog people and blog people there but somehow everyone pretty much knew each other or we just got on well.

I was, in true Paige fashion, very very late. Okay not too late, but Pierre does a very good job of detailing my late arrivial, and the many other things that happened throughout the night. In all honesty, most of my memories are fuzzy. Andy Poolhall had cheap Amsterdam Blondes and I was overall giddy and running around the bar the entire night.

But I did get to meet cdub (who I really already knew, kinda maybe) and Josh from Torontoist (who gave me some of those jazzy TOist pins, yeaahs) and also Torontoist sport editor Adrian. I also was introduced to Travis the guy behind 10:51. And Molly! And lots of other cool and hott peoples, but as I said: lots of drinking, memory is hazy.

We must do it again, and more people should come. I did wonder many times throughout the night if I was imagining people giving me weird looks, in a "hey-we-came-to-your-blog-party-but-you-don't-know-who-we-are-and-we-won't-introduce-ourselves" sort of way or if I was making it all up. Hmm.