Tuesday, December 7

a repeat performance would be nice!

I didn't sleep from Saturday night until last night, Monday, when I was finally done two major assignments. And so after being delerious and so tired I couldn't even chat on MSN I passed out and slept for 12 hours. Sleep is good for you, but I also stayed in bed so long becuase there was so much sex happening in my dreams that waking up seemed counter-productive.

Random sex dreams are okay: the dreams that come out of nowhere and in them you make it with someone you'd probably never make it with in real life. They have been a dreaming trend for the past few weeks. I am not complaining, but it does make me wish I wasn't a sleep-deprived student right now.

So last night I did have one random-guy dream, but I was even more excited (ha) that I also had a dream about one of my crushes. And it was a full-out flirting-to-making-out-to-LOTS OF SEX dream starring the yummiest guy I am crushing on.

He is one of those guys who is so put-together and flirts a ton but he has a girlfriend. A long distance girlfriend to boot. Seriously, I already think girlfriends are stupid enough, but to have one who lives far away? It is just the definition of pointless. I have the biggest crush on him maybe half becuase he is so unattainable, but mostly cos he's just a hot, very cool guy.

The thing about sex dreams is that the next time you see the person, especially if it is someone you wouldn't normally hook-up with, you think they know. Like you feel as though maybe they dreamed it too, or they can see you are giving off "i just fucked you and it was hott" vibes.

But I won't see the guy today, unless I am really lucky. So I will just have to drift around campus today in my happy mood and maybe I can hope for another appearance next time I sleep. (which unfortunatly will be in a long time, becuase I have another essay to write ALL NIGHT tonight. ew)