Sunday, January 9

I came across the 2005 Canadian Blogger Awards through a link on Mike works4bandwidth and I feel like a bad Canadian, because aside from Torontoist I don't recognize any of the blogs. Then I clicked through some of the nominations and realized there was a reason why I had never heard of them.

But, some background:
When I started really getting into blogging it was back in May when I was interning at the CBC and I had lots of free internet time. My first crush was with Gothamist and Bazima, but when I started to feel guilty for not supporting Canadian blogs I went in search of some.

So I pitched a story to the CBC show I was working for, about blogging and Canadian versus American blogs. But when I started reading more blogs researching I was quickly annoyed at what I found.

Canadian blogs were predominantly right-wing, often boring, and sometimes badly written. More appealing to the 45-year-old-housewife crowd than the 20-something-hipsters which I thought blogging went hand in hand with. The story was dropped becuase I refused to shed light on this homegrown lameness.

Which brings me back to the Canadian Blogger Awards. There are so many good Canadian bloggers out there, way better than the boring blogs which were nomiated. But since I am also not fond of offering criticism without a solution: You have until Monday night to nominate good Canadian blogs HERE.