Tuesday, January 11

paige twenty-one

Maybe it's the pending quarter-life-crisis in me, or maybe I'm just an over analytical person in general. But I spent all Monday cleaning my room and that meant I had a full five-plus hours to think about turning 21 and what it means.

And I think it will be fabulous because I have concluded that odd-numbered ages have always been more kind to moi.

see, even-ages are bad:
16: most of my grandparents died
18: the big breakup. not my best moment at all.
20: generally lackluster. lots of tylenol 3 use: wisdom teeth out. pnumonia. finger in the car door. two of my best friends and i stopped talking. ew.

but odd has always been better:
9: first published article
11: i had my own monthy column about "teen life" (haha)
13: many crushes. okay i was a fab little lolita teen.
15: fell in love. lost virginity
17: started freelance writing for Canadian papers (about teen life, again).
19: (isn't being legal to drink enough!?) but 19: being single for the first time in a long time, living on my own for the first time... it was a very good year.

SO, here's to twenty-one.
Now who wants to road trip to the USA (LA or NYC in partic, pleaseandthanks) so I can put my new adult-of-ageness to use!?