Monday, August 29

the best of the best of The Best- part III (MUSIC)

Music is one of the harder things to discuss because it's so damn subjective and particular. But it's fun to do a begining-of-year music share when you move back into a house of many roommates because all it really requires is blasting songs from your bedroom. It's the end-of-summer show off!

And yes, there are many, many bands that have been shared since I moved in last week, but what is really more delightful is spreading the sounds of a band you are friends with.

Introducing: The Coast. Let's see, my friend Ashley and I started bumping social circles with various Coast boys in early summer. (I think Josh had something to do with it too.) Luke was always out where we were, and he was really fun to be drunk and party-party with. Eventually we simply just started to expect (and rely) on seeing the band boys whenever we were out. Then we started going to shows and by late summer the role of groupie-duo just happened upon Ashley and I.

So pop over to everyone's favourite distraction, MySpace, and listen to The Coast there. Their music makes me happy in a "I miss Toronto, summer, and getting raging drunk off Stoli with Ashley" sort of way.