Tuesday, August 16

more on my own personal time warp

I have started listening only to 1050 Chum which is an AM oldies station. All fuzzy-quality golden songs which remind me of stuff my parents listened to when I was younger.

I just watched a small flash-film called EPiC about the future of mass media, blogs, and news culture. At first I thought it was sponsored by Google, but then it ended with a rather sly ideal for print. Or maybe I just saw it that way because of my attraction to anything labeled elite.

I like the vision they propose, but also enjoyed the caveat emptor attached to it. When I was out this evening I found a cute little blank journal in a box marked "FREE" outside a store. I want to use it to write an obscure story inside. Even though I type much faster than I write (or faster than I sometimes even think) I find it more compelling to compose a first draft by hand.