Wednesday, August 31

starstruck! at much.

Mary-Kate twirls her hair when she talks and so do I. She's also into Jim Morrison. I think she was stoned during the interview because her sunglasses we on the whole time and Ashley answered most of the questions.

Watching from my couch was quite comfortable, but I still felt like I should have been there live. I don't like to think about whether or not I would have decided to go and be squished in amongst the screaming seventeen-year-olds, had I been in Toronto.

Because I'm also pretty sure I've done the "backstage" MM thing just about too many times. If an event wristband is offered I never can seem to pass it up. It's a strange kind of "stand in a crowd and strain to listen to the interview" type of fun, but it doesn't have the same appeal it once did. My more recent experiences simply had way too many obsessed-pre-teens and I just felt quite old. Actually, being there makes me want to come across as older and more ...experienced? than those screaming kiddies around me.

Also making me feel old: finding out that Rick the Temp is "retiring" on Friday. The only other VJ who I skipped grade school to go flirt with was Bill Welychka... so I suppose my Much Music youth has officially reached its shelf-life. (But really, as long as I can keep watching Devon I will be happy.)