Friday, August 12

This weekend is the two-year anniversary of the blackout where lots of Ontario and some of the US had no power for a day or two. It was an incredible time, because everyone just went outside. And also we were encouraged to drink all the quickly-cooling alcohol before it spoiled.

Basically everyone just decided to chill the fuck out and relax. I played drunk scrabble with my parents on the patio and then went for a pitch-black walk to see who was out and about in my neighbourhood. People had to interact with other people instead of relying on electricity to tell them what to do.

And this is why I still maintain that we would all be better off if the power was shut down for 24 hours, once a year.

Technology makes so many things icky, sterile, and insignificant. Yes, maybe I also draw much inspiration from the Luddites, and want to be a Neo-Luddite even.

But just think: in the ye olde times people had to wait months to receive letters from overseas. I would damn email and wait all that time to communicate with someone if I knew it meant a meaningful, hand-written letter was coming my way.